Self-Renewal Ideas

What do you do when you finally manage to squeeze in some personal time? What will lift your spirits and renew yourself? Here are some renewing ideas for you:

List your 20 favorite things to do and plan at least 10 of them.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Do Yoga

Go to the make-up counter and try on some of the new make-up. Then buy yourself a little treat.

Plan something fun to look forward to every evening.

Take time to laugh with some comic books or rent a comedy.

Take a bubble bath. Light some candles and turn on some soothing music. Put on a face mask, deep condition your hair or just close your eyes and relax. After your bath, wrap yourself in a cozy, terry cloth robe.

Write your autobiography. I'll bet you will find you have had a pretty interesting life.

Plan to watch the sunrise every day this week.

Every week or every month review your list of goals. See what you have accomplished and congratulate yourself. Then see where you can improve on some goals. Decide what changes you need to make that will help you be more effective.

Do something that requires boldness- Learn to sail or draw, go rafting, hike a mountain. Do what you think you can't.

Write a mission statement. This is just a statement of what you want to do, who your want to be, and your purpose. The Covey Homepage has a wonderful Mission Statement Builder.

Take a nap. Naps are allowed for those of us over three, too.

Go to the movies or rent a movie to watch alone with no interruptions.

Listen to some music while lying on the couch, sing to your favorite CD's, or play an instrument. I love the keyboard.

Stroke your cat, play with your dog, watch your fish, love your pet.


Take up a new hobby or renew an old one. Gardening, line dancing, model building.

Do something creative. Write, bake, paint, sculpt.

Move your body. Dance, bike ride, aerobics, ski, shoot baskets.

Meditate, pray or just be silent.

In her book Simple Abundance Sarah Ban Breathnach suggests making an illustrated discovery journal. This is a sketchbook where you paste pictures you cut out of magazines, quotes, postcards of things you love. The purpose is so you become closer to understanding what it is you truly enjoy. Here is my journey on the Simple Abundance Path.

Write in a journal. You don't just have to put in days events, you can write your goals, do character sketches of people you know, do journal exercises, or make a dream journal to record your nighttime dreams.

Say affirmations aloud. Affirmations are statements you want to come true. i.e. "I am a confident, successful person."

Start a collection. I love to wash and rearrange my unicorn collection.

Write letters. But, only personal correspondence if you enjoy it.

Sew. This personally makes me frustrated rather than relaxed. But, my mother in law loves to sit and crochet.

Make an idea file or notebook of anything that interests you. Ads from the paper, magazine articles, things off the internet.

Browse a bookstore or another store. Window shop. Go at your own pace.

Take a trip down memory lane. Reread old journals and love letters, look through old pictures, leaf through your scrapbooks. If you don't have any of these memory makers, why don't you start one?

Go to the library. Read some magazines. Check out some books on subjects you always wanted to learn.

Play cards, a computer game or do a crossword puzzle or word game.

Take a walk. A walk in nature is especially therapeutic. Pay attention to the colors of the trees, smell the air, thank God for his magnificence.



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