Self-Care Quiz

How good are you at taking care of yourself?

Yes___ No___ 1. Do you take time for yourself every day?
Yes___ No___ 2. Do you exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes?
Yes___ No___ 3. Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night?
Yes___ No___ 4. Do you brush and floss your teeth twice a day?
Yes___ No___ 5. Do you have a haircut you love?
Yes___ No___ 6. Do you your nails look great?
Yes___ No___ 7. Do you get together with a friend at least once a month?
Yes___ No___ 8. Do you have a hobby you do at least twice a month?
Yes___ No___ 9. Do you have a spiritual discipline like prayer, meditation, or church?
Yes___ No___ 10. Do you watch less than one hour of TV a day?
Yes___ No___ 11. Do you say no to requests that aren't right for you?
Yes___ No___ 12. Do you usually know how you are feeling?
Yes___ No___ 13. Do you usually know what you need?
Yes___ No___ 14. Is your home organized enough to make you feel peaceful?
Yes___ No___ 15. Does your environment support your goals?
Yes___ No___ 16. Do you have something fun to look forward to every evening?
Yes___ No___ 17. Do you take frequent breaks during the day to recharge?
Yes___ No___ 18. Do you have a nurturing daily routine?
Yes___ No___ 19. Do you have a relaxing bedtime ritual?
Yes___ No___ 20. Do you know what you are passionate about?

Now add up all your Yes answers.

17-20 I am very proud of you. You are taking excellent care of yourself. Now you can delve further into things like getting massages, simplifying your life, and getting rid of as many stressors as you can.

13-16 You know how to take care of yourself. Now to do it consistently. Here is an Excel checklist you can use to track your daily self-care. Feel free to add or remove actions to suit your personal needs.

9-12 You may value yourself, but seem to put yourself last too often. Set an evening just for you every week with no outside obligations. Cull your calendar to get rid of unimportant meetings, etc. Turn off the TV after an hour. Put in a daily half hour for you in your appointment book. Let go of unrealistic standards of how much you can get done in a day. Cut your to do list for the day in half. Now use that time to work on one thing on the checklist above until you form a habit. Then move onto another one.

4-8 You feel guilty every time you take time for yourself. You need to realize that your family, friends and work don't want an empty vessel. They want a vibrant, authentic, energetic you. Talk with your family about how you want to start taking better care of yourself. Discuss how they can help out more. If they are supportive, see if they are open to having you be accountable to them. Which thing from the above checklist do you think would have the most impact on your energy and well-being? Work on that action until it becomes a habit.

0-3 You don't really think you deserve to take care of yourself. You feel unimportant in the scheme of things. Kids, family and everyone else always comes before you. Journal your feeling about self-care. Write down ways you give to others. Notice that you are needed. The world wouldn't be the same without you. Write down your best qualities and skills. Often we think we don't have any, but if you ask someone else they will say that they've always admired you for... We think if something comes easy to us, then it can't be a real skill. When in reality, the stuff that comes easy are the things we do best and are meant to do. You are just as important as the other people in your life. Shine for them! Pick an easy, non-threatening action to start caring for yourself. Maybe you can drink one more glass of water or take 5 minutes alone. Start small and work your way up.

And most people would benefit by taking the Extreme Self-Care Program, which shows you how to take really good care of yourself, so you can be more energetic, loving, and giving to the world around you.


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