Date: October 15, 2003

Welcome and Encouragement
Welcome to Encouraging Words monthly newsletter. This FREE newsletter is designed to encourage you to create a saner, more serene life. Please pass it along to friends you would like to inspire.

Welcome to Encouraging Words monthly newsletter. This FREE newsletter is designed to encourage you in creating a life so joyful and authentic, you radiate. Please pass it along to friends you would like to inspire.

We had such a fun weekend. My husband brother was in town with his family of 8. We all took turns riding our go-cart around my in-laws ten acres. When the noise got a bit much, I escaped to read a little in the novel I was reading before rejoining the excitement.

Suzanne Falter-Barns has a new book out. I already got it and it is great. Specific exercises on how to live your dream. But, I am bummed because today only, if you buy it you get all these neat bonuses.

" Courage faces fear and thereby masters it". - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I encourage you this month to face your fears, quit making excuses and live your life fully..

Beth Dargis

"Courage faces fear and thereby masters it." Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Did you take time out to ask yourself the questions from the last newsletter?

Feature Article:Making Excuses

I edited and re-edited my article. I had to make sure it was just so. Then I procrastinated on writing the query letter to get my article published. The house needed cleaning, I ran out of stamps, the letter wasn't quite right. Delivering the query letter to the mailbox took another week what with family, meetings and such. I had good excuses why I wasn't actively trying to get published. But, the real reason was that I was afraid I wasn't going to be good enough.

So many times our excuses are just a cover-up for being afraid. Unfortunately since the fear is being covered up we have no way against it. We just go merrily along making more excuses and wondering why our life is still the same.

We need to bring our fears out into the open. Next time you feel yourself start making an excuse, stop. Look behind that excuse and see if a fear is lurking nearby. Say it like it is. Be honest with yourself with the real reason you are making excuses. Look the fear in the face. Only then can you fight it.
  • Examine your fear. Is it rational? Is it true that everyone will laugh at you if you try yoga? Most people will be too busy worrying about embarrassing themselves at yoga class
  • If it is rational, what practical steps can you do to minimize your risk? If you start your own business you may fail and lose money. Is there any way to save up money or stay at your job a little while longer before launching a new business?
  • Now go for it! Tell yourself you are scared, but you can do it anyway. Take itty bitty steps if you need to, but keep moving forward. Find someone to be accountable to. Tell them what you are going to do and then check in with them once you accomplish the task. Don't let yourself make excuses.

Take Action

Start looking at where you are making excuses frequently. Do you always make excuses why you can't exercise or why you will do this project later?

1. I frequently make excuses about:

2. What I am really afraid of is:

3. Is this fear rational?

4. If this is rational, what steps can I take to minimize risk?

5. The next three little actions to take will be:



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cover Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses Love without Regret
by Rhonda Britten
After surviving a personal trauma she learned to live without fear and can teach us how to also. I am reading this one right now and it is really inspiring me.

cover Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers
Amazing book on conquering fear. I also love her daily affirmations at her web site. She also has a new book called Feel the Fear and Beyond.

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