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Health is one of the most important goals you can have. If you are not healthy you will not be able to accomplish your other goals as well. Fatigue and sickness take your drive away. I used to think it was prideful to take care of my body. Now I realize I need to take care of myself in order to take care of others.

I thought I'd list my favorite books that helped me lose weight. All use the same basic concept of listening to your body, only eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are satisfied.

Thin Again by Arthur and Judy Halliday
The Ten Habits of Naturally Slim People by Jill H. Podjasek
Eating Awareness Training by Molly Groger
When You Eat at the Refrigerator Pull up a Chair by Geeneen Roth- This book is subtitled 50 Ways to Feel Thin, Gorgeous and Happy When You Feel Anything But.

What do all these books have in common? They all are against dieting to lose weight. Dieting doesn't have a great track record does it? If it worked we wouldn't be trying to lose weight again. Instead the books say we should listen to our body.

First we need to wait until we are actually hungry, not a little bit hungry, but empty. If we want to eat, but are not physically hungry, we need to work on the psychological issues. Try praying, sitting on the couch trying to figure out the feelings that are making you want to eat, read, take a walk, or write in your journal. Make an alternative activity list for those times you want to eat, but aren't hungry.

When you reach the point where your body is hungry, it's time to ask your body what it wants to eat. Put your hand on your stomach and find out what sounds good. No food is off limits. Diet foods are not necessary. Pick the best tasting food for you at the moment.

Before you eat, you need to sit at the table. Yes, the table. Not in the car, on the couch, standing up, sitting at the computer. Reduce the distractions. Turn off the TV. Relax your body. Say a little prayer, then it is time to eat.

Start sampling your food and rating it. Eat the best part first, that way if you get full, you won't be as tempted to continue eating. Eat slowly, savoring each bite. Breathe in the fragrance. Feel the texture on your tongue. Really enjoy your food.

When you feel satisfied, stop eating. Not when you are stuffed or feel gorged, but when you feel comfortable. Push the plate away, cover it with a napkin, or walk away. Just stop eating that food.

If you eat when your body wants to and eat what your body wants, you should melt down into your natural weight.

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