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-Do not wish to be anything but what you are and try to be that perfectly. -St. Francis De Sales


Encouraging Words
Sept 12, 2002

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How did you do with your focus project for last month? If you didn't finish it, appreciate the progress you did make. If you have a lot to go on your project, keep it as your focus for this month. Completing projects will give you energy. Most of us are not tired because we do too much, physically. We are tired because we have been procrastinating on all these to do's. It takes less energy to mop the floor, then to think about mopping the floor all week long.

One big trouble with doing nothing, is you can't stop to rest. -Sunshine Magazine, 1963


Do you have a lot of projects started, but never finished? Does your to-do list just seem to get longer and longer? Is your mind so full of things you should be doing that you don't even rest when you are resting?

Take Action:
1. List everything you have to do.
Projects not completed
Phone calls to make
Goals you never finished
Home projects not done
Doctor's appointments to make
Bills to pay
Books you wanted to read
Meetings to make
Friends to see
Relatives to write
Papers to file

2. Decide which are things you really want to do and which are shoulds that have no bearing on the life you actually want to live.

3. Start going through the list and scheduling things. Don't add new projects until some of the backlog is taken care of.

4. Every week, empty your head of projects and to do's. The more backlog you get rid of, the more energy you will release. Every procrastination becomes blocked energy.

5. Don't try to keep all your to do's in your head. Write them down to free your brain to think of more creative and innovative thoughts than I need to change the oil on my car.

A great book to read on this process is David Allen's Getting Things Done.

If you need help getting rid of your incompletions, e-mail me for a free e-coaching session at


Self-Care Tips for September:
Visualize your ideal day
Get rid of or fix five things you are tolerating
Make a list of your ten favorite things to do. Do at least one a week.
Make those doctor's and dentist appointments

"May you live all the days of your life" -Jonathan Swift


Relationship Ideas for September:
Don't gossip, not even a little bit
Visit the cider mill with your family
Start a conversation or correspondance with someone from another culture
Chat over coffee with a friend

"Together...the most beautiful word in the language of love. " -Douglas Savage


I encourage you this month to remember your pleasure, to imagine your perfect fall and to concentrate on freeing yourself from incompletions..

Beth Dargis

Written by Life and Career Coach, Beth Dargis
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