Date: Jan 26, 2003

Welcome and Encouragement
Welcome to Encouraging Words monthly newsletter. I hope this newsletter will encourage and nourish you. Thank you to those who have been passing the newsletter around.

I am having such a good time doing my Create a Life You Love 90 min program with people. It's fun partnering to come up with goals and plans. I love the fresh start feeling people get when they work on completing last year. If you are interested, I am only having sign up till Jan 31st. You can sign up here:

How has your January been so far? I am loving 2004. I've been catching up with friends after the holiday rush, reading some wonderful books, enjoying client chats, and going to a Fit 4 Life program at church that emphasies health in all areas of your life.

Everyone is born with genius, but most people only keep it a few minutes. Edgard Varese

I encourage you this month to dream, to envision a wonderful year and to renew yourself heart, soul, mind and strength.

Beth Dargis

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Did you do your out with the old, in with the new steps from Jan 5th's newsletter?

Feature Article: No Regrets

It's hard to believe the first month of 2004 is almost over. I haven't done everything I have envisioned this month, yet. Not quite enough time if I want to live a peaceful, unhurried life.

Recently a client of mine asked how I get everything done. I had to tell her that I don't.

The only way to live a life that you love, is to make choices. And some of them will be hard. But, in order to make those choices, we need to know what is important to us. No, not what is important to your parents, your co-workers or the PTA.

You are the only you there is. If you are not doing what you were meant to do, who is doing it for you? It's up to you. For example, I am not a good cook. I don't do bake sales. My kids rave about how good so and so's mom's puppy chow is. I smile and give them a quarter to get me something. Now my kids are older and if they want to participate, they bake while I oversee. You have got to taste their peanut butter kisses!

It's a hard pill to swallow, realizing we can't do everything we are asked to do or even everything we want to do. Not all at one time.

Action Plan

Picture yourself at the end of this year. What is the one thing, that if you don't do, you will really regret?


Now you have a focus. Write it down somewhere, where you can see it often.

What will you give up, in order to do this?


I plan on making my own choices this year, not have everyone else choose for me. And I don't plan on regretting what I really want to do.

Take the Goal Rush Challenge- It will help you brainstorm goals, then focus on the most important ones. I printed this off and am working on it now.

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Create a Life Worth Living
Are you ready for the new year? Do you need to tie up some loose ends of the past year? Do want to create a life worth living for 2004?

I have created a 90-minute program to help you kick start the year. We will have three 1/2 hour chats or phone calls to bounce ideas, brainstorm, talk, and create action plans for completing 2003 and having a sensational 2004. Included will be unlimited e-mail access and powerful worksheets. This program will be $30.00.

If you want to have a memorable year ahead, e-mail me at I can give you details, answer your questions or set up a time to chat. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Keep a look out for the Procrastination E-course coming in the next month!

"Before you commit to something, make sure it is in alignment with your goals, purpose, or values. Don't commit out of fear of saying no."

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