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-Do not wish to be anything but what you are and try to be that perfectly. -St. Francis De Sales


Encouraging Words
July 1, 2002

Welcome to Encouraging Words monthly newsletter. This FREE newsletter is designed to encourage you in creating a life so joyful and authentic, you radiate. Please pass it along to friends you would like to inspire.


I am beginning my first issue of Encouraging Words with anticipation. I hope to impart to you how small, consistent changes can improve your life. I desire to show you how to live your life joyfully and authentically. I want you to see your great potential.

So many times we get goal lists with 15 things we want to accomplish. Or we start one self-improvement program only to quit when something new makes us think, "This program is the one that will make my life great." Or you have a dream. But, it seems so huge. You don't have the time or resources to make your dream come true.

What we need to do is focus on one change or goal at a time. When our energies are scattered, things are done half-heartedly and changes may only last a week or two. One failure after another makes us discouraged with ourselves. Instead we can focus on one small goal with all we've got. Concentrate on that one goal for a whole month and progress is made or a habit is formed. This month, focus on making one tiny change that could impact your life immensely. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Get up hour earlier and be in bed hour earlier
2. Take a walk every day at lunch
3. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day
4. Start a daily journal habit
5. Make a debt reduction planner - Quicken.com has an online planner
6. Create an energizing morning routine which includes some quiet time, exercise, grooming and household chores
7. Leave 10 minutes earlier for all appointments
8. Quit doing one thing you can't stand - hire it out, delegate it or forget about it
9. Declutter a desk drawer and reorganize it with drawer organizers
10. Read a book or take a class to learn something new

Now make a chart to record your successes. You can also play with a page in a calendar you aren't using. Microsoft Word and Works both have calendar templates. Maybe you can use gold stars, stickers or just a big check to announce your accomplishment. Give yourself a reward after the first day, the first week, then at the end of the month.


Self-Care Tips for July:
Rent a video you wanted to see, but no one else wanted to
Lie down on your couch listening to some music
Buy a summer tote bag, sunglasses or another summer accessory
Find a masseuse you like and make a monthly appointment

"There is no place more delightful than hope." -Cicero


Relationship Ideas for July:
Fly a kite or go to the zoo with a child
Browse a gourmet food store with your significant other
Write five thinking of you cards to friends and family
Call your brother or sister

"Before you marry, keep your two eyes open; after you marry shut one." -Jamaican Proverb


I encourage you this month to remember your buried dreams, to imagine your finest life and to concentrate on the best parts of you.
Beth Dargis

Written by Life and Career Coach, Beth Dargis
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