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Encouraging Words

July 2003

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Wow, it’s been a year since I began this newsletter! I am so glad you have continued on this journey with me.

I just got done with a few big projects, a web site design, and co-directing our church’s Vacation Bible School. So once those hectic weeks ended, I made sure I had time to rest. I’ve been swimming, watched movies, read tons of books and caught up on some scrapbooking. After a nice slow week, I am back in the saddle again.

After a hiatus for my web site, I have put it back online and am updating it. http://pws.chartermi.net/~dargis/

”One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes…In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves.” –Eleanor Roosevelt


How are you doing on your summer fun list? Have you been creating your support system?

Stocking Up

Running out to the store at the last minute is a big energy drain. Making do with supplies that aren’t made for the job is frustrating. This month we are going to do some stocking up and taking inventory.  As we go through lists for various rooms, remember to add items that are important to you. The goal is to have enough, but not to have too much in the form of clutter. As you are looking to stock up, remember to be grateful for what you have and plan for what you don’t. You may have to cut out on lunches out for a little bit to put this foundation into your life.

Let’s start with the Appliances. How are your oven and washer working? How old are your appliances? This Old House has a chart on the average life span of appliances. http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/knowhow/managinghome/article/0,16417,216991-4,00.html

If you are getting close to the life span of some of your appliances, now is the time to save for a new one. No more “surprises” when an appliance goes kaput.

Onto the Kitchen. Do you have all the supplies you need to prepare healthy, delicious foods? I know there are a few recipes I have that remind me I need a garlic press.  Here is an inventory list for the kitchen: http://lifesaverlists.tripod.com/kitchen.html You may not need all of the items on the list, but it is a good reminder for things you really could use in your kitchen. Do you have enough food in the pantry to whip up a few of your favorite meals? Print out a pantry list: http://www.nutritionexplorations.com/parents/pantry-list.asp and tape it to the pantry door. Before you go grocery shopping, check your pantry to make sure you are still stocked up. No more 5:30pm trips to the grocery store for tomato sauce.

In the Family Room, do you have an abundance of things you love? Does your CD collection contain music you enjoy listening to? Are there any new CD’s you would like to put on your birthday list? Do you have your favorite movies on DVD or VHS? Do you have a stack of books you want to read? How about space? Do you have enough room to move around or is there too much clutter?

Now we get to open your Bedroom.  In the closet we usually have plenty of clothes. But, more often than not we have too much of one type of clothing and are totally missing other types. Check out this wardrobe list to see if you have the basics: http://www.mindspring.com/~dedore/wardrobe/basics.htm Do you have enough tranquil space in your bedroom? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you get enough quiet time?

I know the place I find myself running out of things too frequently is the Bathroom. Use this supply list: http://lifesaverlists.tripod.com/bathroom.html and add to it any items or particular brands you use. Do you have all the cleaning supplies you need? http://www.listorganizer.com/housesupplies1.htm

Have you set up a Home Office for paperwork and family organization? http://money.howstuffworks.com/home-office.htm As the secretary of your home office do you have a reserve of office supplies? http://www.byu.edu/fc/fds/starter/office.html

How prepared are you for an Emergency or just a popped button or loose bolt?

72-Hour Kit:  http://www.beprepared.com/Articles/check.htm

First Aid Kit: http://www.listorganizer.com/firstaid1.htm

Sewing Kit:  http://sewing.about.com/library/weekly/aa112400a.htm

Tool Kit:  http://www.onthehouse.com/tips/20000501

When we have the resources to make our life run smoother, we will have more time to go after our dreams.


Self-Care Tips for July:

·         Go for a long walk on the beach or through the woods

·         Visit a church

·         Ask in your journal, “What do I need more of in my life.”

·         Read a book for fun

“Remind me each day that the race is not always to the swift and that there is more to life than increasing its speed”


Relationship Ideas for July:

·         Reach out to somebody today

·         Contact your family and let them know you love them

·         Have a candlelight dinner with fresh flowers

·         Make a long cuddle time with your kids

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.”
—Joseph Fort Newton

I am reading a wonderful book called Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life by Lisa Lelas, et al. The book gives you four baby steps each week in the areas of health, weight, home and spirit. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0451208625/sweetpetites-20

I have room for some e-mail coaching clients for three-months of sessions. If you are interested e-mail me at dargis@chartermi.net. I answer many questions in my coaching FAQ: http://pws.chartermi.net/~dargis/coaching.html

I encourage you this month to be thankful for your abundance, build a reserve and to slow down.


Beth Dargis

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