August 2002 Newsletter


Encouraging Words
August 1, 2002

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How did you do with your habit last month? If your change didn't get ingrained last month, try again this month. This time get extra motivation by telling someone and being accountable to them. You can also add a juicy reward at the end.

Some reward ideas:
An hour of reading time
A couple hours to browse a bookstore
A music CD
A massage
Computer game time

If last month's change went well, you can start a new habit this month. Check last month's newsletter July for ideas.


What is a project you really want to do, but haven't gotten around to doing? For example, cleaning the basement, reconnecting with a friend or making a budget. Commit to working and focusing on that one project this month.

Take Action:

1. Write down your focus for the month ___________________________________________________

2. Write down what you will let go of this month to make time (i.e. TV, trips to the mall, a meeting you didn't want to attend anyway, other projects) _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

This month I want to scrapbook our summer vacation pictures, so I am cutting out doing some genealogy and some novel reading.

3. Write down small action steps to take that are 15-30 minutes each.

For example:
Find pictures
Put pictures in order
Browse scrapbooking magazines for ideas
Buy album and supplies
Do 5 pages at a time


4. Schedule time in your calendar for your project.

5. Decide on a reward for completing your project this month. ____________________________________

If you need help getting motivated for each step, e-mail me for a free e-coaching session at


Self-Care Tips for August:
Write down your dreams every morning
Buy yourself some flowers
Give yourself a facial
Add space by clearing off a bookshelf

"That which you can't give away, you do not possess. It possesses you." -Ivern Bell


Relationship Ideas for August:
Take the kids to the beach
Play a game of tennis with your significant other
Make birthday cards for the next couple months
Throw a wild west party

"Marriage should be a duet - when one sings, the other claps." -Joe Murray


I encourage you this month to remember your joy, to visualize your most perfect day and to let those you love, know you care.

Beth Dargis

Written by Life and Carrer Coach, Beth Dargis
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