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What is an e-course?

This 25-day course will be sent by e-mail. You will receive a coaching lesson and action plan. These e-mails will come 5 times a week for one month. Once a week you can e-mail me for extra motivation.

Over this month you will:

  • Zap your energy drains
  • Clean up your environment
  • Create satisfying routines
  • Streamline your life
  • Learn how to slow down
  • Create boundaries
  • Carve out time for yourself
  • Simplify your errands
  • Manage your finances
  • Create a simple wardrobe
  • Connect with the people you love
  • Beat procrastination
  • Get a life instead of a lifestyle
  • Eliminate projects and to do's
  • and more!

Most people go through life trying to stay afloat from all their obligations. But, the things that are important to them, what they value and their dreams are put on hold. It saddens me to see how many people think they are trapped by their life. I can help release you. I can assist you in creating the life you were meant to live.

Invest one month and $10 to simplify your life. You will feel the results for years. Sign up with a friend to become accountable.

You can go at your own pace. Save the e-mails to work on when you can.


Simpicity E-Course

Sample Lesson:

Day 16: A Simple Wardrobe

Did you do your 15 minutes of dejunking? Did you do anything fun last night?

They say we only wear about 20% of our wardrobe regularly. The rest of our clothes are just hogging closet space and making it difficult to get an outfit together quickly.

One of the most important things to do to simplify your wardrobe is to get a color analysis.Color analysis is a good way to choose the colors that look best for your skin, eye, and hair color. Once you have your colors done, you will find it easier to shop for clothes, since you'll stick to the color palette that most compliments your skin tone and hair color. Your clothes will coordinate better to make it easier to get dressed fast.

Get your colors done at a professional place. If you don't want to get them done some place, you can also take a free color test online at Style Makeovers. Once you know what colors look best on you, you will know what clothes to wear, buy and get rid of.

For your simple wardrobe, all you need is five core colors-colors that look fantastic on you. Mine are navy, wine, black, salmon and cream. If you get the majority of your clothes in your core colors than you will have many outfits to mix and match.

Shop just 2-4 times a year for clothes to save buying those impulse clothes you never wear. Write down your seasonal shopping trips in your planner. Also, check the labels so you are not buying dry clean only and difficult to clean clothes.

A standard wardrobe plan
2 jackets in neutral colors
1 short neutral skirt
1 longer neutral skirt
1 print skirt
3 pants in neutral colors
1 winter dress
1 summer dress
1 dressy shirt
1 tunic style shirt
1 basic sweater
1 colorful sweater
2 neutral turtlenecks
2 colorful
t-shirts- one short sleeve, one long sleeve
2 cotton or knit shirts
1 jersey shirt
2 long sleeve shirts
3 neutral shorts
Shoes in your core colors or neutral colors
1 basic handbag

With this wardrobe you can go just about anywhere.

Action Plan

  1. Write down your five core colors or make an appointment to get your colors done
  2. Take out all your clothes from your closet
  3. Try your clothes on, make it fun like you are putting on a fashion show
  4. Give away all the clothes that don't make you feel and look great or clothes that don't go with anything else
  5. You don't have to get rid of items that aren't in your color, just don't wear them by your face
  6. Note what you need to make your wardrobe complete
  7. Organize the clothes you have left by type (pants, skirts, shirts), by color or function (work/play/church)

"The more you know, the less you need." --Australian Aboriginal Saying

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