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"You have taught me to believe in myself and to take things slowly, one step at a time, keep sight of my goals, both short term and long term.

Your coaching style was both nuturing and motivating, you seemed to intuitively know some days what I needed most. Your caring and understanding was so appreciated and it came from the heart."

-Holly C.

I would recommend the Simplicity Course as an easy, practical way to start simplifying one's life. I especially liked the segments on Tolerations, Wardrobe, and Office and Paperwork.

Each day focuses on only one task, which is helpful to people who feel overwhelmed by the complexities of modern life and hardly know where to begin downshifting.

-Joan, New York

Beth has an uncanny way of, "reading between the lines" to see a person's heart. I appreciate how genuine she is.

I have already begun implementing her suggestions, and am dumbstruck at how well they are working. I am feeling so much more secure, and feel I am finally put onto a life path that will bring me joy for many years to come."

-Sue Halpern

I feel more focused and have an objective instead of aimlessly filling up the day.

-Shelli Segura



The PlayDoh Epiphany

"Play play-doh with me, Mommy," my daughter asked when she was about 5 years old.

I hesitated slightly while I think what needs to be done yet today.

"Ok dear, but let me set the timer for ten minutes and then Mommy has to go back to work."

I pretended to play happily, adding some, "Really, tell me more's" when she talked to me. Actually I was thinking about the web submissions I had to do and ideas for my current web design project.

The buzzer went off and two things flashed in my mind. One, I had actually put a timer on playtime with my daughter.

Two, when did play-doh turn into a chore?

I used to spend hours creating with this malleable clay. Play-doh is fun. I had a break from work to play like a child and I used the break to think about work.

How many times had I done this? How many opportunities wasted? When did I get so serious?

"The timer beeped Mommy."

I looked at her, smiling, and said, "I think I want to play longer with you." She beamed back at me.

This time I played remembering the fun I had as a child. I was always a creative, imaginative child. I know I still can be. We made little pizzas, many baked goods and long worms, just like I used to do. I felt the playdoh scrunch through my fingers.

Aggressions left as I pounded the doh flat. I smelled the childhood smell that brought back happy memories. We delighted in our creations.

I also spent time really listening to my daughter. She is a fascinating storyteller, telling me all her adventures with her pretend cats.

I remembered this time with her as I went about my week. I still worked hard but when my kids wanted to play with me, I played my heart out.

Instead of the future work I had to do, I remembered the fun child I was, which brought me right into the present as children stay. Instead of just reading stories I remembered the wonder of books I had. I hammed up the stories and we all giggled.

I played out the fanciful adventures I had with horses when I was younger as my daughter and I have horse races with her pony figurines. I joined in the fun with my kids at the park by swinging, jumping and trying not to fall off things. We played Monopoly Jr. and at every ticket booth we acted it out, buying balloons and riding the rollercoasters.

Picnics outside for lunch I found take no longer than at the kitchen table. Forts are just as entertaining to make now, as they were when I was a kid. Computer solitaire is fun, but Uno with the kids can be just as enjoyable.

Playtime with the kids is no longer another work chore, but a time to reconnect with my kids and a time of self-renewal for myself.

When was the last time you played like a kid?

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