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"You have taught me to believe in myself and to take things slowly, one step at a time, keep sight of my goals, both short term and long term.

Your coaching style was both nuturing and motivating, you seemed to intuitively know some days what I needed most. Your caring and understanding was so appreciated and it came from the heart."

-Holly C.

I would recommend the Simplicity Course as an easy, practical way to start simplifying one's life. I especially liked the segments on Tolerations, Wardrobe, and Office and Paperwork.

Each day focuses on only one task, which is helpful to people who feel overwhelmed by the complexities of modern life and hardly know where to begin downshifting.

-Joan, New York

Beth has an uncanny way of, "reading between the lines" to see a person's heart. I appreciate how genuine she is.

I have already begun implementing her suggestions, and am dumbstruck at how well they are working. I am feeling so much more secure, and feel I am finally put onto a life path that will bring me joy for many years to come."

-Sue Halpern

I feel more focused and have an objective instead of aimlessly filling up the day.

-Shelli Segura



Moving Checklist

Moving is the major test of organization. I've failed four out of five times. The time before last I lost the paper that listed everything in every box. I ended up with a bunch of boxes with codes like k-3 and had no idea what they were. The last time I came up with a moving list so I wouldn't forget anything. So here it is...

4-6 Weeks Before
2-3 Weeks Before
1 Week Before
Two Days Before
Day Before
Moving Day
After Arriving

4-6 weeks

Find a moving company if you are planning to use one

Make a list of places to tell your change of address as you go through your mail

Have your w2's forwarded

Notify schools

Get medical and dental records

Check out churches in new community

Get boxes from grocery store or other places

Start to use up your food

Return anything you have borrowed

Put out a box for moving things like the mover telephone#, the measuring tape, packing tape, keys to the new place, important papers

Pack up your out of season clothes

Clean you curtains and blankets

Pack up your attic or basement

Make a survival kit for the first night- hammer, screwdriver, paper plates, can opener, snacks, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, scissors, first aid kit, tape, toilet paper, linens and towels

Order new address labels and checks

Pack up books


Two to Three Weeks

Go through possesions and give things you no longer want to charity

Notify the utility companies of your new place when you need everything turned on

Pack pictures and mirrors

Pack up CD's, tapes and video tapes

Tune up car

Discontinue paper delivery

Call your insurance agent for any changes

Give kids a box for their special things

Arrange to have your utilities turned off (Very important. We once had some people use our telephone line to call oversees after we had moved out.)

One Week

Fill out forms at post office to forward mail

Send the change of address cards with your new phone number to friends

Get a babysitter to watch kids as you move

Decide where you want to put everything

Keep packing things in labeled boxes

Pick up any dry cleaning

Two Days

Tape up bottles like cleaners and shampoo

Get rid of any flammables

Pack up curtains and blinds

Spray your new house with bug spray if you can

Clean stove

The Day Before

Defrost freezer

Pack personal things

Moving Day

Defrost freezer

Strip beds and make sure bedding is one of the first things unloaded

Tape any screws you unscrew under the furniture they go to

Vacuum and do a final inspection

Leave keys with realtor

Lock windows and doors

After You Arrive

Take the family on a walk of the new neighborhood

Enroll children in school

Visit stores

Find out about public transportation

Change your address on your driver's license and your voter's registration

Put a list of local emergency numbers by telephones

Get some babysitter references before you actually need one

Get a phone book

Get information from the Chamber of Commerce about new city

Write out directions to your home so you are prepared when anyone asks how to get to your new home

And here are some moving websites:
Home Advisor Has all the information you need for inspections, closing, and moving. I used this resource often.
Movers Net
Realtor.com Look for local house listings
Century 21 gives community facts like school ratings and crime
Moving Software from Zdnet
Mortgage calculators

Good luck on your move!

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