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Change is so huge, so big, so time-consuming. It is much easier to keep the status quo.

Does it have to be that way? How about if we change just a little at a time? We are not remaking your whole life at once. If you do one tiny change a week, by the end of the year you will have a better, more vibrant life. Another positive is with small changes, you have a much better chance at keeping your new habits.

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Tiny Change #4 : Organize your junk drawer

You know your scissors are here somewhere. They are just difficult to find in the jumble of old batteries, electrical thing-a-ma-jigs, receipts, and other junk. We waste a lot of time looking through our junk drawers. It's time to take that time back-let's organize that junk drawer! Trust me, it will take less minutes than you think.

1. Measure your drawer so you know what size drawer organizer will fit.

2. Buy a drawer organizer.This is my junk drawer organizer. I love it! I can find things so fast because of the labeled compartments. Here are a few more if you have a different size drawer.

3. Once you get your organizer, dump out everything from your junk drawer onto a table.

4. Wash out the drawer, so it will be dry by the time you put things back into it.

5. Now it's time to sort. Put all your rubber bands in a pile, then scissors, pencils, gadgets, etc. If you get an organizer with labels you can use those label names for sorting piles. Pitch anything that looks broken or things you no longer need. Be ruthless. You don't need that junk!

6. Place your drawer organizer into your drawer.

7. Put each pile into its section of the drawer organizer. If you have a pile without a labeled compartment, you can swap it with a compartment you don't need. Since I have young kids I don't put matches in that compartment. I re-labeled it for toothpicks.

8. Close up your drawer, wash off the table and drink a cup of hot cocoa. You did great!

What is junk stealing from your life?


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