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Change is so huge, so big, so time-consuming. It is much easier to keep the status quo.

Does it have to be that way? How about if we change just a little at a time? We are not remaking your whole life at once. If you do one tiny change a week, by the end of the year you will have a better, more vibrant life. Another positive is with small changes, you have a much better chance at keeping your new habits.

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Tiny Change #20: Enjoy nature- take a hike, sit on the beach, dance in the rain

Nature has a way of renewing us. I know when I have been locked up with the computer and haven't seen the light of day for awhile I feel "off". I feel disconnected with the world. Nature shows us the big picture of the world. It's hard to be self-centered while you look at the stars or look out at the vast ocean.

Today, I am taking the kids on a fall scavenger hunt. We are going to the nature trails with a list of things to find like mushrooms, a red leaf, a spider, etc. They had such a good time with this activities last year, that they begged me to take them this year too. My spirits are lifted just thinking about going outside.

Try to schedule at least half hour a week of outside time. It could be split up into little 5 minute outdoor walks.

Some outdoor ideas:
~Go to a park
~Hike some trails
~Visit a zoo
~Go for a bike ride
~Feed the ducks
~Observe a spider web
~Catch fireflies then let them go
~Name your flower
~Ski, sled, or snowball fight
~Look at animal tracks
~Hunt for 4 leaf clovers
~Play Frisbee on the beach
~Go horseback riding
~Look for shells or fossils
~Build a sand castle
~Make a container garden

Nature can nurture you indoors too with water fountains, flowers, plants and pets. This week find a way to let nature nurture you.

The Healing Power of Nature
Connecting with nature relieves stress and elevates spirits

How will you connect with nature?


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