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Change is so huge, so big, so time-consuming. It is much easier to keep the status quo.

Does it have to be that way? How about if we change just a little at a time? We are not remaking your whole life at once. If you do one tiny change a week, by the end of the year you will have a better, more vibrant life. Another positive is with small changes, you have a much better chance at keeping your new habits.

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Tiny Change #17: Write out a morning routine that includes personal time, household duties and family

Many people say they don't like routines. It makes life too boring. Well, between kid incidents, work, writing, fun activities, surprises, accidents, etc. I think life is exciting enough. I prefer to slide into the day smoothly, rather than feeling like I am already wiped out.

To ease into the day, what would you like to do first. Picture your ideal waking up situation. Would you like to do some inspirational reading? Maybe do some yoga or meditation? Maybe lie in bed thinking of what you are looking forward to today?

If you like to exercise in the morning, you might want to put exercise into your morning routine. I like to do my walking, aerobics, weight training or yogilates before my shower.

Now it's time for some grooming. Are you still visualizing in the shower? Get dressed, do your hair, put on your makeup.

By now you are probably hungry. I notice if I eat as soon as I get up, I don't feel as well. I like to eat breakfast with my kids if I can.

What would make you feel good regarding your house if it were done every morning? I like to make sure the breakfast dishes are done, dinner is thawing, someone has sprayed the bathroom, the living room is picked up (usually still good from the pick-up the night before) and a load of laundry is in the washer. I try to get that done before I leave the house or start my work at home.

Your day feels lighter already!

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